Secondary School

Middle Years Curriculum

          In the middle years, students are exposed to subject disciplines that are genuinely interesting because of their interdisciplinary nature and authentic real-life connections. We foster student independence as learners, refining their knowledge, understanding and skills, and ensuring that they continue to develop as well-rounded individuals whose thirst for knowledge is never-ending.


Our students engage in eight subject groups to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum:

o    Language and Literature English and Chinese
o    Language Acquisition English, Chinese and French
o    Individuals and Societies
o    Mathematics
o    Sciences
o    Physical and Health Education
o    The Arts (Music and Visual Arts)
o    Design (Product and Digital Design)

High School Curriculum

          Our students engage in an academically rigorous and balanced curriculum to equip them with the necessary skills not only to succeed in college but to become open-minded individuals who are confident in their own identities and accepting of others; and are prepared to apply their learning in various contexts. Students graduating from our school  will be prepared for success at the world’s top universities across the globe. 


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